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At the Thrive Institute, our specialist knowledge and skills are used to evaluate and assess your current reality on all three levels – creating an inclusive and holistic approach. We can also customise development interventions based on your specific needs.

Ultimately, we enable people to connect on various levels:

The Self

As a Team

As an Organisation

We are Industrial Psychologists who help individuals, teams and organisations to Thrive

Neo Mamathuba
Managing Director
I/O Psychologist

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Karien van der Merwe
I/O Psychologist

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Neo is the MD of the Thrive Institute where she focuses mainly on facilitation of different people from all walks of life, on how they can work together and thrive in the workplace. She has extensive experience from working with leading South African and International companies. Her expertise lies in working with the full spectrum of HR value chain model including people resourcing, performance management, reward and recognition, career development, organisational change; organisational (re)design; team building; leadership/management, talent management, industrial relations and psychometrics assessments.

Neo has a passion for young people, and lives out this passion by providing lectures to students at the University of Johannesburg.

She is a registered Industrial Psychologist with the HPCSA, and sits on boards as a non-executive director. Neo’s major interests lie in the subjects of Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace and is looking into completing her Phd on these subjects.

Karien van der Merwe is a registered Industrial Psychologist with 18 years’ experience. She has a special interest in the impact of Belonging and Human Connection on performance within organisation- team and on individual level. She coaches and facilitates the human connection that is needed to get the job done.  Karien assists the organisation, team and individual to understand and navigate team dynamics, diversity, inclusion, conflict resolutions, having courages conversations and empowering leadership practices. The Thrive Institute’s  main goal is to help people in organisations Thrive by supporting teams and organisations to foster healthy human relationships and through that become high performing organisations, teams and individuals. Karien is also the spouse of an adventurous husband and mother to 3 very busy and beautiful kids.

value proposition

Getting the right people

We have a comprehensive selection process that consists of psychometric evaluation and competency based interviewing

Keeping the right people

Through Talent Management we help you to refocus on the Individual. We offer individual and executive coaching that could include the following:

  • Personal development
  • Development, structuring and
    implementation of career paths
  • Leadership development
  • Executive Coaching

We also offer group Training and Development in:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Helping the right people work together

Our Team Coaching process pays attention to interpersonal and group dynamic awareness as well as effective team communication
Our process is designed to identifying team development needs that enable us to customise intervention strategies according to client specific needs.

The Diversity and Inclusion workshops are three group workshops supported by Individual Coaching sessions in between:

  • Introduction Workshop (Three hours)
  • Individual Work (One-day workshop)
    • Creating self-awareness and consciousness of yourself
    • Focused on creating a safe space to internally confront one’s own understanding of and comfort with diversity
  • Followed up by Individual Coaching sessions
  • Interpersonal Work (One-day workshop)
    • Focused on creating a safe space to interact in conversation on different topics around diversity
    • Follow up in Individual Coaching
  • Organisational Work (One-day workshop)
    • Focused on creating a safe space to interact on strategic changes that will enhance and embrace diversity within the organization and broader society.
    • Follow up in Individual Coaching
  • Closing Session (Three hours)

Please note that we can only accommodate 12 individuals per workshop.

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Diversity and Inclusion work focuses on Kids, Teams and Organisations

Little People

(Grade 6-12)

For younger minds, our services include emotional intelligence training, diversity awareness and career coaching

Career Coaching for Young People

(Grade 11&12)

We help learners to sift through, structure and process the vast amount of information within the world of careers by assisting them in identifying which career would be most suitable to their Interest, ability and skill.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Our two four-hour workshops during the course of the year assist Grade 6-12 learners with the following:

  • Intra-Personal (Self)
    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Regard
    • Assertiveness
    • Stress Management
  • Interpersonal (Connection)
    • Empathy and Compassion
    • Conflict Management
Diversity Awareness

These four one-hour facilitated discussions focus on the differences in the world and are aimed to equip children to develop the capacity for and appreciation of difference.

In these sessions, we focus on:

  • Expanding the child’s frame of reference
  • Developing Compassion and Empathy
  • Challenging the child’s critical thinking around diversity
  • Confirmation of the sense of self
Career Coaching for Young People

We do this through four Career Coaching sessions starting early in the 11th grade. The sessions are structured as follows:

  • Psychometric evaluation (Four hours – some can be done electronically in your own time)
    • Interest and skill
    • Personality
  • Psychometric feedback and Self-Awareness session with child (One and a half hours)
  • Career planning Feedback to child together with parents (One and a half hours)
  • Career planning with the child (One and a half hours)
    • Research on the careers identified as possibilities for the child
    • Assistance in applying for tertiary education
      • Identifying educational institution
      • Writing CV and application letters
      • Sorting major courses
    • Assistance in applying for bursaries

Our individual and executive coaching sessions are one and a half hour sessions to a minimum of six sessions per individual per year.

Coaching designed to support the EQ and Diversity training, are one and a half hour sessions to a minimum of three sessions scheduled in between the training workshops.

This specific coaching is designed to assist the individual in debriefing and internalising the growth that happens in the training sessions (EQ and Diversity).

We work with a coaching methodology that facilitates growth within the individual on various levels including leadership development, personal growth, as well as career planning and growth.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Please note that we can only accommodate 12 individuals per workshop.

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The Emotional Intelligence workshops are six two-day group workshops during the course of the year, with the following core structure:

  • Introduction Discussion (Three hours)
  • Intra-Personal Training
    • Self-Awareness – Two days
    • Self-regard – Two  days
    • Assertiveness – Two days
    • Stress Management – Two days
  • Interpersonal (Connection)
    • Empathy and Compassion – Two days
    • Conflict Management – Two days

The self-awareness workshop identifies the individual’s specific training needs. People only attend the follow-up workshops according to their development needs.